1942 Gas Mask

1942 Gas Mask

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1942 GSW gas mask with canister manufactured in Toronto (MacDonald Plant)


  • Canister
  • Mask with straps
  • Hose

Missing outer lenses


Between 1939 and 1943 the General Service Respirator was issued to all members of the armed forces. It was also provided to those in certain civil air raid precautions services whose duties might involve them working in areas of high concentrations of gas. This included police, first aiders, decontamination squads, etc.

When breathing through the mask, air is drawn through the container to remove traces of gas. Cleaned air passed through the valve in the container through the breather tube & entered the face mask through the valve on the bottom.

When clean air entered the mask, the stream of air divided into two & passed through molded channels on the face mask. The two air streams were directed over the eyepieces ensuring cool air filtered through the mask & helped to prevent condensation
& fogging. When the wearer exhaled, an inlet valve locked clean air into the breathing tube, and exhaled air was pushed through an outlet valve.