Rock 95 #EndBullying Tshirt

Rock 95 #EndBullying Tshirt

Rock the pink shirt for kids in your local community!

All proceeds from the sale of this shirt will go towards New Path Youth & Family Services.

*note: we have a limited amount of quantities and sizes


* a service fee has been added to the total.

** All shirt order must be picked up at the Rock95/KOOL FM studios after they have been purchased. 

About New Path Youth & Family Services

New Path Youth & Family Services is an accredited children’s mental health agency providing a range of compassionate, innovative, and accessible services mental health services for children, youth and their families throughout Simcoe County, including access to a range of free counselling and therapy services.

The team at New Path will work with you and your family to answer your questions, guide you through the services that are available, and match you with support in the community that best meets your needs.

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